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Poly integrates nature and technology
to help kids grow and explore new worlds.

About Poly

At Poly, we integrate nature and technology to help kids grow and explore new worlds. Our core product is the PolyBot, a hydroponic plant-growing system specially designed for the classroom. With our accompanying curriculum, teachers and kids use the PolyBot to grow different species and explore key science topics while meeting Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

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Meet the PolyBot

The PolyBot is a customizable hydroponic growing system, where temperature, light cycle, water level, and nutrients are yours to control. With the PolyBot, kids and teachers can create custom growing environments, design and run experiments, and simulate climates and biomes from across time and around the world.

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Our Curriculum

PolyUnits are six-week growing experiences that bring science to life through hands-on, standards-aligned lessons. Whether kids are growing basic garden greens to track plant development, creating an underwater mangrove forest to uncover the world’s oceans, or growing the earliest crops to explore ancient civilizations, PolyUnits support and engage students of all learning needs.


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Poly in the Classroom

“Kids don’t need to learn science.
They need to do science.
This is doing science.”

– Teacher

At Poly, we aim to create learning experiences that are exceptionally engaging, effective, and inclusive. In summer 2016, Poly collaborated with the Steppingstone Foundation to bring Poly to its summer programs in the Greater Boston area. Take a look to see how teachers at Steppingstone used Poly to engage and empower kids in the science classroom.


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